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japan crews are trying to prevent a nuclear melt down. u.s. officials are trying to calm the nerves of americas who fear radiation can reach the west coast. >> we don't expect it to reach the west coast. >> we have the latest developments from the nuclear power plant, plus how one government age agency is beefing up radiation detection. >> crews are working around the clock at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. the crews are working to reconnect electricity to the cooling system to cool the rods. other crews are spraying and dumping water on the nuclear few. smoke can be seen from building number 2 right now. the cause is not known but a explosion hit the building on tuesday. it is possible the cooling chamber is damaged. low levels of radiation have been detected beyond tokyo, which is 140 miles south of the nuclear power plant. u.s. is warning americans to leave the country and the government is offering voluntary evacuations. today president obama spoke about the situation in japan. this is video of president obama visiting the japanese embassy. the president wrote a mes
us safer. >>> whenever there's a loud noise, i've always been one of those people that run towards the noise, not away. that's one of the reasons i became a volunteer firefighter. >> reporter: scott koen vividly remembers the events of 9/11, the planes that crashed in washington, dc, pennsylvania and new york city. scott wanted to do something special to honor those caught up in the terrorist attacks. >> and so i developed a project called freedom plaza, which was to use the materials from the world trade center and make a large north american bald eagle out of it on the size and scale of the statue of liberty. >> reporter: scott designed the memorial to stand where the world trade center towers had fallen. but the city of new york was already developing other plans for the site, and scott's memorial was not destined to be part of them. then, late one night, he came up with another, even more ambitious idea. >> if we were going to use steel and aluminum in an eagle. we could use the steel in a ship. >> reporter: scott was familiar with navy ships. for years he had worked at the air
into the bay from these barges in the water. rob fladeboe takes us at this reservoir why he cannot hold another crop. >>reporter: this is what happens when was of wires, cannot hold another-water drop. and one water or reservoirs, get killed. hence, spill away. but you are looking at, is one the get-filled. a concrete viaduct that diverts water around into this creek below. it is doing exactly what is going designed to do, this section of the santa cruz mountains received 4.72 in. of rain fall cents friday. more than enough to take this reservoir from capacity and then some. this provides drinking water to the community of gilroy and also farmers, ranchers and a southern except santa clara county. most of this will go into the water table into the ground and others could find its way into the river and monterey bay. officials said the this reservoir, near gilroy will continue to spill over for at least another one week. in the mountains near gilroy, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >>pam: major problems at yosemite national park. all roads and have been closed. that snowfall was causing mud slides, t
is not on trial for using steroids he is on trial for allegedly lying to the grand jury in 203 about the use of steroids. and attorneys try to whittle don't the number to 12 different alton's to trying to-trying to speak in two hours there were eight women, and for men. attorneys for barry bonds say that they were pleased twiddling the 12 numbers people down to the jury. >> what you're going to do today is emphasize how important it to put aside the great work that you have done for the last eight years [laughter] in describing these events. our job is to emphasize and continue to emphasize not only the factors that play outside the courtroom. . >>reporter: attorneys for barry bonds have spoke to the jury and they have said- that it is test-just listening to the evidence that is presented and not in influenced on the media or what they're hurting the past. and to be able to impart justice. >>pam: if you've not been following this? the 1990 sorki team coverag with the 1990's, j.r.? >> certainly, highs, lows, for barry bonds one time, breaking the baseball record and the next, getting indicted
from of japan's nuclear reactors. u.s. officials cannot expect the japanese to quickly regained control of the plan's fuel rods. dangerous levels of radiation. good evening, everybody. all lan security is saying that radiation levels from flights from japan, landing and chicago, n.y.. to have real activity, but not enough to be concerned about. - radioactivity. first, what steps are being taken? nuclear helicopters tons of water the pilots cannot get very close. only one of the drop hit the target. not much of an impact. later, soldiers used high-pressure fire trucks. and used that on number three for 30 minutes. 140 mi. away and tokyo the japanese are trying to flee their country. rolling blackouts, food and fuel supplies are low. the united states as it advised americans still stay 50 mi. away from the nuclear areas. the evacue evacuation process of americans out of japan. president obama is telling people not to worry about nuclear plum in our country. >> i want to be very clear that we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the not states. or if it is the west coast, haw
: for a check of the weather, let us turn to meteorologist, brian van aken. >> brian: 8 chance of rain and it is going to be confined to the north bay. a little bit of a quiet rain-a chance. otherwise, partly /mostly cloudy. some breaks of sunshine temperatures and to the upper 50s and low 60s. not a particularly warm day. 58 and a san rafael. look for low 60s near the bay. 60s in the south bay, and the east bay. antioch, concord. 62 degrees. that rain, you can see that the forecast model is putting it into the north bay. this afternoon perhaps the wind shield wipers 32 times. significant rainfall later this week. the windshield wipers a couple of times today >> isabel: more of the tsunami coverage and how it impacted a small, north ccalifornia town. and it is still a bit overcast 60s. we will be back. ñ >> isabel: 7:10. this is video from pacifica. in anticipation of the tsunami that was traveling at the speed of an airplane. and beaches, peers were closed off. and low lying areas were voluntarily evacuated but no damage. in the pacific beach, the creek high was open. with waves only
. per hour. that led to mud and rock slides. this is conference drive and felton brought is showing us. >> one of the many mudslides and out of conference drive, from felton. a result of the heavy rainfall. working crews are trying to clear the debris. this large trees tucked in the middle. getting a chain around that to pull it away. is obstructing the entrance. the hopefully, sometime today. rob fladeboe. >>catherine: and with the creek levels all day. different times of the day. to the latest of what is happening. keitour only reporter daniel? >> the good news is that the level has dropped a little bit sensed noon. i can show you by coming over sense- noon. the vertical is indicative of where the weathe water level was. it is still a lot of water and people are still concerned. what some businesses were due in preparation. took metal grate storm covers off the storm drains. to clear any possible debris. and even sandbags. ply we flood blocks in front of their doors and windows plywood- flood blocks--five years ago, the water destroyed some of these structures and created a lot of d
is the strategy. we are watching the and it sounds like he is getting introduced. let us listen anin. >> the president i would like to update the american people on the international efforts that we have led him in libya. what we of dawn, what we have planning to do and why this what we have done--let me begin paying tribute to our men and a uniform and women in uniform that acted with courage, professionalism and patriotism. they have moved with incredible speed and strength. because of them and our dedicated diplomats a coalition has been forged countless lives have been saved. meanwhile, as we speak of our troops are supporting our allies and japan. leaving a rock to its people and stopping the momentum in afghanistan and leaving iraq--to its people and continuing to conquer all qaeda. as commander in chief, i am proud all elements, the coast guard, and the families. i know all americans share in that sentiment. half for generations, the united states of america has played a unique role in global security, and as an advocate for human freedom. mindful of the risks, costs of milita
was nonexistent. kate thompson reports, they say if some radiation reached the u.s. it would be so small it would not be cause for concern. >>kate: today's danger level in the bay area on a scale of 1 to 10, one being the best and 10 being the worst, as far as radiation. >> id 0. one. >>kate: worst-case scenario everything goes wrong. what is the situation in the bay area on a scale of one to attend if that happens in today's question mark? >> 1. there shouldn't be any health hazard. to the bay area. >>kate: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: on the phone to help us understand the implications of exposure to radiation, michael with the state public health. there is concern even though we are hearing from experts said it's unlikely the u.s. could really be affected by a meltdown and radiation from any plants in japan. nonetheless there is concern among the general population. what message do want to give the population. >>caller: thank you for having me, i am a spokesperson for the agency. we want people to know that according to our federal partners, with the nuclear regulatory corporation. we b
this legislative session. >> republicans are trying to use it little leverage they have against this to the california a majority vote. and republicans are very much in the minority party. denise will leverage the half will be used-any leverage to use will try to impact their thoughts on the vote with pension reforms, change in and budget, we want spending limits. we want a whole range of other things that the democrats do not seem to get in on. >>pam: ended the gets too much? tickets with the democratic vote? >> correct--she could lose that the democratic vote if it is taken too far. he is wanting to still set a compromise. and the deadline is really to the end of the month. at 6:00 p.m. when the republican convention should intervene. >>pam: think two, dan.and thinge and stand and rob is joining us. --thing two, dan. >>pam with 400 teachers expecting to a rally in protest. the pink slip in the east side union school district to close and eight onion dollar budget deficit will said the 65 people, 25 certified teachers and 42 classified positions over the past four years. 150 te
with excessive use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormones with losing hair, acne and they're irritated, in greek. as a result made numerous that's and was-angry. he said he would " cut my head off and " he would cut out my breast implants because he paid for them. >> during a very aggressive cross examination they try to examine her as an addictive over the breakup of the relationship that she was angry. that he would not be offered house in arizona and that he wanted to convince the jury that kimberly bell is not the one whose testimony can be trusted. at the federal courthouse, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: we have continuing coverage of the barry bonds trial with all the details leading up to the verdict. in other big story, news crews all over the bay area. tsfrom hercules, to capitola but not and low water caused quite a bit of damage. on the sunday that city council had a meeting for an ever since the proclamation after a burst pipe is quite a bit costing $1 million. a mobile home park that had to be evacuated for work damaged and 39 were below attack. there are to keep an eye
. these creepates pg&e threatened to call the police on us. and we were looking into the possibility of flooding into the cult hellas to look of the documents. however, pg&e is not letting us into the-tell palace--they do not what was to abolish them. call palace--the cow palace. >> two different city taxes. the $46 billion tax it deficit jean quan wants to get help. from the oakland land owners and phone users. a five-year, $8 parcel tax that would need approval from two-thirds of the city voters. $80, and the telephone tax. and an emergency meeting is a schedule for tonight at oakland city hall at 5:00 p.m. >>pam: federal judge is allowing the testimony of former baseball player, drug dealing relationship with barry bonds former personal trainer during this sluggish sluggers perjury trial. claiming that he lied to a grand jury. that it never knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. and also deconstructions of how to administer them. the >>pam: protest to save leashed told walking. and reboot da ? we are all alike. >>reporter: we've been following this and the national park service. today, t
're working as fast as they can to remove this mountain of mud, rocks and trees, but he says they can only use one loader due to limited space. klein says crews can only work during the day, because the hillside is too unstable. >> we're worried about the stuff coming off the top of the hill. we've got to kind of pull the material out. >> it's about 100 feet up to the top. we've probably pulled out about 80 truckloads so far. >> reporter: officials tell me it will take them another two days to finish removing all of that debris you see behind me from corey road before it's open. from morgan hill, kron4 news. >> and in hercules, eight homes below a sliding hillside remain in danger tonight. earlier today, crews installed barricades along a street near the slide, preparing for the worst-case scenario. reds in the danger zone are evacuated. four homes have already been damaged. tonight, the city council declared a local state of emergency in an effort to receive disaster aid. kron4's jonathan bloom was there for the emotional meeting. >> my wife call mead, and she was scared, crying, telling me w
tracking the storm across the bay area. kron 4 sports sites team coverage giving us the latest on a landslide in san paulo. >>reporter: the city of san paulo issued yellow tags to to more homes on saturday. that's because this area continues to slide downhill. in fact, city inspectors say between friday and saturday, this back yard went down another two more feet perhaps more. a the walker family is moving out after the city told them on saturday, it's no longer safe. >> the house is cracking inside, so it is beyond repair. the back >>reporter: yard is gone because of sliding down to the house bloat owned by sandra. >> devastated. >>reporter: her backyard is covered by mud and debris. the house was yellow tags saturday. heavy rains triggered the slide thursday. at least six homes are affected. so far three houses have been yellow tag and one patio deck has been red tape. her husband leon bought the house in 2004 and raised two children in the home. >> i'm still in denial. i don't know weren't going to go. >>reporter: knows it's time to go, she can hear her house crack everytime
economic toll. today the u.s. stock market closed sharply lower. japan the world's largest economy accounts for 10% of u.s. exports. >>catherine: today officials ditch to plan and try to use helicopters to pour water into a nuclear reactor. the fire is out, there is still a lot of concern that the water to boil away. here's a timeline of events of the nuclear plant that has the world on edge. the 9.0 earthquake hits off the coast friday. the nuclear plant is in one of the hardest hit areas. the quake and tsunami knocked out regular and backup cooling systems to reactors one and three. workers began injecting sea water and boron and reactors to prevent a meltdown. saturday afternoon, a hydrogen buildup leads to an explosion. blowing the roof off the no. 1 reactor building, for workers heard. midday monday, another explosion tears through the reactor number three building. the roof and topples are destroyed, 11 people hurt. late monday, reactor no. 2 loses its cooling capability. workers in jagged see water and boron into that reactor as well. tuesday morning, an explosion in its the
in alameda is showing us where back box containing the remains of someone was last seen before was stolen. >> right here with a small round table. the backpack was on the table just 30 minutes before the funeral service was set to begin. we set up for the funeral, all of us were busy doing little side jobs getting ready. someone taking opportunity, what can, saw the pack had no understanding what he or she had picked up and it was gone. >>reporter: church officials say was a small gathering for the funeral service however the churches doors were open to the public at the time. investigators with the alameda police department said they have not determined that the person knew what was in the backpacker not. the situation is being treated as a criminal theft. however, the reference said she is prepared to forgive the person responsible. >> returned to the church or the alameda pd and that will close the loop for us. judgment is not mind to offer. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: fallout from the alleged police misconduct surrounding the san francisco police department is now affecting mu
to be vegan. >> it just uses less water to be vegan. it uses less land -- all of which is sort of being depleted by our current system of agriculture. >> reporter: vegans don't eat any animal products. they also don't use anything made from animals like leather shoes or bags. >> being a vegan is like actively taking a more gentle footstep on the earth. >> reporter: shannon algiere is a grower at stone barns center for food and agriculture. the farm doesn't use pesticides or other chemicals and everything used for growing, including water, is recycled. emili became vegan after volunteering here. this is where she often buys vegetables for her meals. >> hey, how are you? >> i'm good. how are you. ? i'd like some scapes. >> reporter: by the way -- scapes are the stalks of garlic plants. while kinder to the earth, being vegan and even vegetarian is risky, especially when you're a teen. anne fletcher is a dietician and the author of weight loss confidential." she says anyone considering changing their diet, should make an important step first. >> the best thing for them to do is to go see a
a nuclear melt down. u.s. officials are trying to calm the nerves of americas who fear radiation can reach the west coast. >> we don't expect it to reach the west coast. >> we have the latest developments from the nuclear power plant, plus how one government age agency is beefing up radiation detection. >> crews are working around the clock at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. the crews are working to reconnect electricity to the cooling system to cool the rods. other crews are spraying and dumping water on the nuclear few. smoke can be seen from building number 2 right now. the cause is not known but a explosion hit the building on tuesday. it is possible the cooling chamber is damaged. low levels of radiation have been detected beyond tokyo, which is 140 miles south of the nuclear power plant. u.s. is warning americans to leave the country and the government is offering voluntary evacuations. today president obama spoke about the situation in japan. this is video of president obama visiting the japanese embassy. the president wrote a
are awesome to do this for me! >> it is painful to watch your son not walk the way he used to. >> he was in afganistan, everything took a sudden turn. >> hwe were just doing our job. (cheering & applause) as for walking, mom is focused on one thing at a time. >> i washed his toes! they were the only thing sticking out of the cast. >> for now, reporting, jr stone. >> alright, it is 8:13. >> my next guess is a clown. really. clowns without borders. it is not scary, it is helpful, coming up! >> we are back, turning to the weather. it was wet! a line of storms rolling through lousiana. some prades shortened during mardi gras, officially on tuesday >> we have had our own share of wet weather. look, the headlights are on! very important. >> mid sunday morning, twet weather, a few pockets of heavey rain, bulk will be out, occasional showers with things continuing to wind down, changing for next week. here is how it looks. monday, cooler and sunny, in the wwake of the season. winds will crank up gusting 30-40 mph. mostly sunny. low to mid 60 s. rain reunrns thrusdurs. futurecast shows green
managed to stabilize the road for now and residence who normally used woodbridge road have to find alternate routes. capitola is cleaning up a sea of mud. the village, near santa cruz has been hit by two different floods in three days of the north with these torrential rains and rob fladeboe shows us the damage and the cleanup efforts in right now. >>reporter: what you can see is going on all over town in capital look with a regional a virtual-hosing down with mud-everywhere. this sustaining blood ironically, is to get rid of it with water. that high- pressure washer street sweepers have been going 24- 75 saturday and a small worarmy of public works are showing this one shovel at a time. the sidewalk is littered with carpeting, flooring and even basements. the water is even finding its way into businesses, businesses, and on it and anything on the floor suffered water damage. and dumpsters full of debris lined the streets full of debris. sandbags are in doorways that too little, too late. amazingly, some shops are already open and others still lead some work to do. in capitola, rup
pictures of the aaa as the u.s. official allies had the first a tax breaattacks. coming up. >> vicki: at some intense moments. the san jose it fire department issued a shelter. here is this seen as the crews worked to clean up to an and 50 gal.. >> reporter: at the san jose fire department was called to the treatment plant on grayson road. it can taint 5,000 gal. of ammonia. it began to leak. a point of the allocation was hit. >> we ask residents to close their windows and stay in their homes. >> reporter: firefighters were able to a purge the tank. they discovered hundreds of gallons of them and it had leaked. >> at the leak is not getting worse. it is contained. we have approximately two and 50 gal. and said the secondary containment area. >> reporter: they are relieved to know the other circumstances where their favor. >> we have been offline at this plant since early march. we have a construction project. the of the tanks of water. we are supplying the treated water to the valley from los gatos. >> reporter: the incident was declared contained. in san jose jet pierce kron4 news.
intensified. the u.s. government is now evacuating government personal and citizens who wish to lead. as japan's reactors, water drops started and crews trying to restore electrical power. kron 4's jonathan bloom has the latest on this unfolding story. >> reporter: a tail of two -- tale of two circles. the reactor here on the pacific coast inside two circles near sendai. a closer look. there are two evacuation zones. the center one, that is the zone japanese officials recommend citizens leave and seek shelter. but the larger circle a 50-mile ring in blue, that's the zone in which american officials told u.s. citizens they should not be traveling and if they want to get away, the united states government will help them get out. this happens as officials work to cool the reactors, so far, four of the reactors are experiencing serious problems. over here, reactors 5 and 6 are starting to heat up. reactors 1-4 all inch closer to melt down. >> reporter: military helicopters dump water on the reactors to keep them cool enough to prevent the melt down. it started when the earthquake hit, triggering a
are not approved. jerry brown set a deadline for thursday to get it all done, now he hopes to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put it on the ballot this june. he is just a few lawmakers short to make that happen. >>> new tonight at 11:00. police are investigating a murder. it happened this evening. police say the man was shot, and died in the ambulance. >>> two southern california men are expected of using a credit card skimmer to steel credit numbers. they fate fros and conspiracy charges. boris tumasyan and sarkis sarkisyan. how investigators say they stole the numbers and she has reaction from locals who frequent one of those stations. >> reporter: the credit card swipe looks like any other. this is a primary reason this credit card scheme was so difficult to detects. they planted devices like this one inside of gas pump. investigators say they were attached to the circuit boards and captured 3600 credit card numbers. police caught the two at this station on san an ownio road. they found six skimmers planted inside of gas pumps of six other locations. the customers are very co
continuing to hamper search efforts. -very little food. emergency workers are using firetrucks, military helicopter to try to cool down the over heating fuel rods. because of the high radiation, the cannot get close enough to make an impact. they cannot get close enough. the first flight of u.s. citizens left japan. in the u.s. citizens that have chosen to stay are requested to leave the area within 50 mi. are around that. >> we have driven this out, 1, 2, 3, 4, all four reactors. we will show you where these possible toxic levels are going. the first thing to keep in mind is that to keep this to the bay area. this has to be very high up. this gold aero will give you an idea. this is representing 1 mi. tall minimum. of those particles would need to be before they could make it and even make it perhaps three times that to make a meaningful impact. as we look through the 20 mi. no plighfly zone. and it is even recommended of a 50 mi. zone recommended by americans. this wind pattern has bencarrying this to the jets stream and it went through the alaskan islands. as we remind you that on thu
levels are extremely high. >>pam: with four reactors in danger of meltdown the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay at least 50 mi. away. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: japanese officials say the best way of ending the threat of nuclear disaster is a new power line that could restore electrical power to the cooling pumps at the reactors. the u.s. regulatory commission said today all the water is gone from one of the polls. as kron 4 shows us, there is now nothing to stop the fuel rods from ultimately melting down. >>reporter: a new satellite pictures shows for the first time the extensive damage to the reactors. no. 1 lost its roof in an explosion, number two is in tact in releasing steam. no. 3 shows the most damage but the greatest danger is reactor for. it that is where all the water is train from the polls. u.s. officials say they could ignite with enough force to blast the radioactive fuel over the wide area. they told americans it's no longer safe to stay within 50 mi. of the plan. the japanese military tried to use helicopters t
>>vicki: 1 mail account of a car derailment. three people were injured, kron 4 is live for us in the bart station to tell us how to clean up will affect tomorrow morning's commute. >>reporter: do here in doesn't have any effect on it to you, if that is why they're busy at work at this point. remember is literally fit well over, if you actually see what they are doing as we >> . if we're in the process of lifting these trains that ralph of the tracks. if they're trying to clear the tracks. earlier today we talk to the gentleman who is inside one of those cars with the real 3 1/2 >> i was listening to news that analysts of a live far from me jumped off and land over to my seat and sat down and was planning to carry it the car was fined five lives across the dirt and valves in. obviously i was thinking this could see it, i have died. >>reporter: this we knew you looking at is actually view of all the people on board being attacked we do. he was filmed by a number of new who were in the area and half and half our camera. off at your live even see they are busy at work. fe will be
down from 18 to 13. if crews are now using sonar as well as diverse to locate those boats and other hazardous debris on the bottom of the harbor. overall, damaged to the boats estimated about $4 million. damage here to the dock as well as to the overall infrastructure of the harbor no a $25 million and rising. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: local universities are concerned about our students were studying abroad in japan. the chancellor of the csu system is ordering all students to be evacuated from japan citing concerns about potential for shortages and the increasing damage from the damaged nuclear facility. the csu system is not evacuating at this time. all students from stanford university are heading back after they were given the option to return. the devastation from last friday's quake was not enough, now the rescue and recovery teams are dealing with bad weather. rye and shows as " one team is up against in japan's northern coast. >>reporter: were in northeastern japan, we got here to find the scene here. it tells the story of complete devastation in the neighborhood.
is already so saturated and this is going to get us in time for the commute. >> you better give yourself extra time tomorrow morning. it will be nasty. from 6:00 in the morning to around noon in the south bay. >> all right. >> right now, obviously, it doesn't look too bad. we're seeing a few showers fly under the radar. that means the radar can't detect them. we're seeing areas of heavy rainfall and in san francisco. you could see one area, indicating a burst of heavier rainfall in nearing san francisco at this hour. let's jump up towards napa. again, some of this is flying below the radar. a wider view picture of the satellite and radar picture shows the storm up to the north. the crowd is approaching the bay area. your morning commute will not be a fun one. again, starting at 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, the rain will pick up. by 7:00 we're seeing it in full play. heavy rain and gusty winds continuing through noon. heavy south bay rain. into the afternoon, we'll see some clearing but also scattered thunderstorms. i'll have details and we'll time it on future cast coming up. >>> 32 homes
are still hopeful of finding survivors. there's still plenty of opportunity for us to find it lives. >>reporter: that effort is being hampered by freezing temperatures and snow. as a precaution the u.s. embassy in tokyo is recommending that americans who live within 50 mi. of the nuclear plant evacuate. in washington, samantha hayes. >>pam: dr. alan hanson, with the institute for international studies in stamford joins us tonight to answer some of the questions and concerns people have. thank you for joining us. if it is true, the u.s. government hasn't been confirmed by the japan yet that there is no water in the spent fuel pools what does that mean? >>caller: thank you for inviting me to >> with you. i have no more information that is available from the public media and from the u.s. and japan. i cannot confirm whether or not water remains in those schools.pools. if the r has been removed either by leakage or evaporation, there is several consequences. the first is for the local workers. the local radiation levels would skyrocket to high levels and be very difficult for them to ap
will to the north of us. we are staying dry. and we will as we go towards tomorrow. certainly that break from the wet weather. current temperatures 50s, 60s. san francisco = 58. santa rosa, 52. napa is 65. it is the warm spot. fairfield, mountain view, san jose, 64 degrees. overnight, the law was going to get to the 30's in the 40's. santa rosa will be the cooler spot. overnight, the lower spots. your kron 4 7 day around the bay to break of what weather tomorrow. and again in late saturday near a sunday. we will be right back for the kron 4 evening news purify (music) [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that t
of sunshine--we're saying today at least for the rest of today? >>jacqueline: yes. however, let us take a look at the stormtracker 4. you can see clear conditions. showers. a wide view, from some showers pushing through. notice those showers indicated by the yellow, with the central valley. because of those storms we just mentioned temperatures are a little bit warmer. the the six in santa rosa, up 87 in concord, antioch, fairfield. in 56 in santa rosa. and 57 in concord, antioch, fairfield. 58 and san jose. chilly conditions with clearing overnight. dry conditions in the morning but the afternoon commute is going to be difficult with the rain/wind. i will tell you all about it coming up. storm >>pam: cleanup is going to be a problem for at least one of broadway. in oakland hills. a haazig madyun shows you where. at least one- broadway. >>reporter: heavy roadway saturating this roadway with this huge-roadway. right here on a thorn deal drive. in oakland hills. born dea thofr nickit is 8 access drive, called for an daberra hthorndale >> sometimes we can always get through. sometimes rocks, debr
night. pretty wondewindy as well--and the wet weather is to the north of us. we are staying cool overnight. tabs to the 30's. the article degrees for santa rosa. the same in napa, 42 degrees expected in oakland. dad in the south bay, temperatures are getting down to the upper 30's, low 40's. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s. and even the 60 degrees. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 62 degrees in mountain view and san jose. will catch a break on friday with rainfall this weekend. >>pam: the judge has sentenced three life sentences. this man is sentenced to three life sentences for participating and the imprisonment and torture of a neighbor boy. anthony waiters was the only one of four defendants to go to trial. of charges towards kyle ramirez captive at a home in tracey for one year. the child was beaten, burned and shackled to furniture. the 16 year-old was able to escape. he will be able to get parole in 19 years. >>pam: federal see regulators on the national gas explosion that killed eight people in san bruno. the national transportation safety board will look at the pipeli
jose where we find rob. he shows us the sliding land. >>rob: for some 200 ft. half of this one lane private road in south san jose has sunk 3 ft.. he could see rain water is still seeping out of the landslide above. new cracks that this letter opening in the road every day. the pavement is oglin buckling in crafting a. in the shot you can see how large section of earth acetylene. hear how we see the ground is pulling away from the foundation of one home. as you can see, the entire hillside here appears to be unstable. " and see how concrete poured into the cracks a few days ago has already settled. pg&e has prepared a broken gas line is installing an emergency shut off switch. water lines are breaking into. county inspectors were on scene wednesday assessing the damage. the road is private and a half-dozen and property owners say they will probably have to fix the roads themselves once the hillside settles down and the rain stops. in san jose, rob the kron 4 news. >>pam: in morgan hill road as been covered by a massive landslide. disproves the been working on it all day. they did no
. there are no reports of injuries now as we said. kron 4's jacqueline bennett is here to tell us more about the tsunami dangers. >> the usgs is working to confirm the tsunami actually happened and i just got the information off the wire here. they say the tsunami has been generated and when no major waves occur for two hours the threat will have passed. there is a tsunami watch in effect right now for hawaii because with a quake this big those tsunamis can affect distant coastlines. magnitude 8.8, this is where it hit just off the coast, the dent 2.2 miles. you need a pretty good size earthquake to cause a tsunami. think of putting your hand in the bathtub. if you shove your water down, it sends the water out in waves. just the same with an earthquake. we saw it near the epicenter and it's spreading from there. now we're watching the coasts of russia and as far away as hawaii. so 8.8 magnitude earthquake, very intense. let's look right here at the quake magnitudes. you'll notice this one is off the scale. doesn't happen very often. go all the way down to the bottom of screen, though. major earthquake s
area news station. this is the kron4 news morning news. q four joining us. the nuclear incident at the plant has been raised from a fort 2 of 5 and the skills of to said. i find waiting period of four, what it was before it is a big local consequences. of fiat has a wider consequences. they have been cooling the generator, allowing them to punt seawater into the reactor. there are using water cannons from the ground and helicopters for above. operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant. they did not realize that the system to pump water into one of their reactors during an emergency was not working. it had been accidentally disabled for 18 months, operators at the diablo canyon nuclear plant near san luis obispo didn't realize that a system to pump water into one of emergency wasn't working. it had been accidentally disabled by the plant's own engineers, according to a report issued thursday on the safety of nuclear reactors in the united states. the report, from the union of concerned scientists watchdog group, lists 14 recent "near misses" instances in which serious problems
those increases. some more, gasoline use the goes up. in the summer. increasing demand and prices maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>pam: the warehouse is considering various options to do with the rising gas prices that-warehouse. at-- with the nation's reserves. only on rare occasions. >> is an option we are considering. but, there are a number of factors. we are cognizant of the fact that americans are experiencing a sharp rise in prices of the gas pump. that affects their family budget. we are monitoring it very closely. >>pam: the reserve has 747 million bar. of oil. and it was used in september 20th 08 with hurricane like. >>pam: california budget battle! 13-ike. and jerry brown cannot get enough votes for a $26 billion deficit solution. today he spoke about the troubles. >> we are facing a very serious challenge in the budget. so far, we have techniques that gone forward but we lack a republican of votes. and when i say this matter before the people i not just mean taxes but i also mean the cuts. i believe that in our society, and in california it appears to be that the people s
] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> marty: we are back, on the left is highway 50. bayview for mount tam. >> isabel: a little bit of a priest and let us check-in with a jacqueline. >> brian: we have seen it like it showers overnight and scattered showers continuing. those tabs will increase as we go towards this afternoon and even the breaks of sunshine. mostly, cloudy and shower activity on/off. as this afternoon progresses, more storms progressing with hill, and even lightning as a possibility. will stay on the cool side - and hail possible and a stormtracker 4 radar. the storm to the north is pulling in a lot of moisture. those clubs are getting carried right into the bay area. right now, scattered shower activity the brakes in the clouds and the rain. that is what will see today with a more uniform storm on its heels for tomorrow morning. let us take a look at stormtracker. light show
will show you the we got on a boat with fish and game that give us a tour. hundreds of boats had been damaged. the big concern with many of these, particularly better on the bottom is that they could be leaking oil. fuel, and if they could be for quite some time. they could only get three at that time of the water. and it could be four, five more days of this a salvage operation. the harbor will be closed until the least of sunday. the latest news conference the department of fish and game. >> a lot of the damage that would of occurred to pose with an under the water line to handle larger vessels bottom out. and at the top, the organs, the mass of the sailboats that for clinging together-the tops of the masses of the sailboats. until the owners are able to communicate with their insurance companies. >> those boats have gasoline, oil, and if you leave them on the bottom ultimately that fuel will seek out. and it will float to the surface with the pollution hazard. we are trying to get those boats out of the water to eliminate pollution hazard. and the navigational problems of social wi
to keep him from taking an innocent life. >> because of medical privacy concerns they can't really give us any details that led to the shooting. so far cvs hasn't returned our calls. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >>> more and more in the way of cloud cover. a system that could bring wet weather tomorrow. a shot of the bay bridge, staying dry. slight chance of pop up showers in the north bay but much will stay dry tonight. clouds tomorrow. and a better chance of showers and wind kick in as we head into the evening tomorrow. right now showers staying to the north. we are dry right now. look that seven day. next couple of days a series of wet weather lasting through the week. friday dry but on the weekend, we will bring in that wet weather. >>> you know it already, gasoline prices are on the rice but that is just the tip of the ice burg. prices to everything you buy will be skyrocketing. food to clothe. a look at when you will see the higher prices and what situations are driving the price hikes when kron 4 news returns. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch thi
: the same agency that tells us about spare the air dazes watching japan. we will tell you of radiation is making its way to the bay area >> mark: a big wave server dies at mavericks' will give you details of a moment. >> live from the bay area new station this is a kron 4 morning news. >> darya: march 17th, 2011 happy st. patrick's day. >> james: it's a cold morning as you head out the door. 18 degree difference in novato compared to yesterday. livermore 15 degrees cooler, you get the idea. we have a big storm headed our way in our weather update we will break that down for you. >> george: it has been a quiet start to the morning commute, we are ignored things may change with an accident on 580 in livermore. >> mark: beginning with an crisis. extreme measures trying to prevent a a small down at the japanese call plant. the military was trying to cool those reactors somehow. desperate measures to dump water from helicopters. in hopes of trying to collect, the flight to up been suspended, radiation levels remain high. this attempt is not working. they'll bracing to try and finish a new p
of radiation making it to our shores. >>> plus, the run on certain products use to treat radiation sickness. >>> tonight, a surge of radiation at fukushima's power plant in japan made it too dangerous for the workers to stay. the emergency operation to keep the plant from reaching a meltdown was suspended. kron4's jonathan bloom explains the latest developments at japan's nuclear plants. >> we're learning that minutes ago, 50 out of the 800 evacuated workers have been allowed back into the facility now that radiation levels some somewhat subsided. they were evacuated for just under an hour from the plant that's located here near the city of sendai. but the situation there remains so dangerous that the vast majority of workers andreds have been told to stay away. >> reporter: after the japanese government declared evacuations, fire continued to burn in the number four reactor building. the other buildings housing reactors one through three have been ravaged by fires and explosions since the weekend, and after one blast blew the roof off the building that holds reactor one, there's fear that
. there was not a lot they could do. one man used a pole to push his boat away from the rocks, but no success. and then there was this boat that broke loose from its mooring and was about to collide with another larger boat. people on the large yacht used poles to push it away to minimize the impact. by late friday afternoon boat after boat floated out of the santa cruz harbor. one belonged to this woman. >> the boat was not there. it was just gone. and i just stood there. the whole dock was gone. everything on that whole side was gone. >> reporter: her son lived on the boat for a couple years. >> i watched my whole boat and everything i had on it just get sucked up side down and torn into piece. >> reporter: a state assemblyman toured the destruction on friday evening and jerry brown issued a state of emergency for santa cruz county and a few other counties. >> reporter: now this is how violent the surge was today. you can see, this is a piece of the harbor that came off into the water. it is just sitting here. this is just some of the debris that officials have that -- to remove. now coast
blum is here with us now with a look at the concerns. >>jonathan: we've been getting used to looking at this map, there's a new ring on the map, it indicates the zones and which american authorities think it's not safe to be any more. you could see the power plant located in the fukushima plant. this gold ring here, that's the voluntary evacuations on the japanese authorities have implemented. there's a small arizona in this that is the mandatory evacuation if we could back out you could see this ring that's 50 mi. in radius and that is the evacuation zone that american authorities are recommending. if you're that's on your getting radiation levels, if you're exposed to for three years would cause to get cancer. they're recommending american citizens stay out of that area. here's the city of sendai, the evacuation zone is getting dangerously close. that is where they have the command center set up for all of the national and independent agencies that are courting evacuations. if we going closer you could see once again the familiar layout of the power plant here. there are six reacto
. this will be a lot more organized. as we head towards 2:00 a.m., notice of this yellow it actually shows us where we're going to get moderate downpour. it looks like will continue see pretty high rainfall rates as we head for your saturday morning. if you sleep and you could miss a good part of it. 9:00 a.m., the north bay starts to dry out to but still contending with what weather in the south bay. in the afternoon, the best chances for scattered showers. the intensity is expected to be over night. here morning lows expected in the '40's, 49 san francisco, 49 in the south bay. in the afternoon, our high school state into the '50s. 58 santa rosa, 60 degrees in oakland on view and that's about as warm as it's expected to get. san jose 59 degrees, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, shows as more wet weather in store. rainy and breezy tomorrow. showers continue into sunday. next week looks much better. f >>pam: rockslide disclose how we won about half mile pass till valley. jeff bush shows you the damage to what the crews are doing to clean it all up. if >>jeff: hillside was still moving by m
. japanese forces took to the air using helicopters to drop seawater on reactor no. 3 to cool the damaged reactor's all that nuclear- power plant. experts believe steam rising from the bulls may be releasing radiation into the atmosphere. officials had been working to resolve cool in crumbs out for of six reactors. >> it may be too early to judge, we believe will help to cool down the fuel the span the data that will be receiving from the government. we'll be able to verify whether the mission has met with success. >> reporter: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy to the jobless public. he also offers support including, of the support related to the nuclear-power plant. >> reporter: the united states urged its citizens to move away from the power plant. u.s. state renounced church sites will be made available to u.s. citizens who have to leave. law will also provide an on android to providing over the site the idea is to give the japanese government a better idea what may be going
. state department also revising u.s. citizens to avoid travelling to japan the tsunami damage according to hit california coast caused damage in santa monica. in santa cruz the surface of a least 18 votes and another 100 are damage. it will cost millions of dollars to fix. the now report a surge caused more than $17 million to santa cruz harbor. z it illegal to that lost our homes and vote. >>reporter: 0 was devastated to find her boat sank 13 just charged through the harbor. if it wasn't just her vote in with her son's home. >> had to watch it sink and everything he owned is on that vote. his business, everything. if we don't have anything now. >>reporter: 0 as one between us and water rushed in and of this floor. if others it took over and crashed into each other if your if fall in goes to see were holding talks together along with several one of the raider'' long if swept through here and have all these votes with it. off most of the damage happened on the utah fitzwater >> every time to search and now her home phone and find if half and into if that kind patch a hole. >> there is no
because of weather. >> kron4 news it etch 9. the u.s. and allies lost the first missile assault. emergency crews are trying to deal with the nuclear crisis in japan. radiation levels are exceeded the safety limits and have been detected in food and water near the plant. plus, they say you cannot predict the next big quake but when bay area the knowledge of says that if you have to the next week. the them by developing the news in libya. present record, has announced and u.s. military strike against the military in libya. it is an effort designed to get the military in line. more bloodshed. the nation's government has blasted the operations in their nation. they say innocence has been clouded in the crossfire. barbour has the latest. >> reporter: at the u.s. military has key allies such as france and great billion -- great britain launching misfiles. present record, was speaking from brazil and says the u.s. will not have to come again. he will not idly stand by (no audio) >> vicki: we are having some audio issues. hours after the attack the leader it went on the tv and said that he would d
a deadline for today and now he's hoping to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put the tax extension on the ballot. he's just a few lawmakers short. the voters said yes to measure-a they approved the tax to support the city's schools it will prevent school closures and maintain class sizes. the district may have to consider cuts if they're not approved in june. oakland schools are $12 million short they're looking to send out hundreds of pink slips. >> caller: the was not unanimous but it was not close. six-one the oakland school board decided to send out letters to 538 teachers telling them next school year they may not have jobs. >> do not vote for these layoffs. >> is not acceptable. we cannot accept a single layoff. we've been at the bare bones and beyond. >> reporter: despite leading the british rock as long as possible. >> there's simply nothing else we can do to avoid this. >> reporter: nearly half of the layoff notices will go to grad cable-5. >> one of the things i'm going to do is vote no on this. >> reporter: one board member voted no. >> there's a bunch of pe
on this road. some people can leave using the fire road. all residents have no electricity, they've been operating generators. the crews say they are working as fast as they can to remove this mountain of mud, but it and you only use one loader at a time because of limited space. they have removed 80 truckloads of our. capitola they hope declaration of state of emergency will allow some aid. you can see some of the damage here, $17 million is the estimate. cleanup is continuing and they are trying to repair the ruptured pipe that was responsible for the flooding. many business owners say without a they will not be able to rebuild. coming up as 6:30 a.m. a live report from capitola. >> darya: fire fighters are still on the scene of all fires out the market on san francisco jackie is there and laughed. >> reporter: there were to $1 structure fires. you can see crews from the fire department still on seen, they got the call at 5:30 a.m., it is a two-story building on the bottom floor. there is the processing for lab. upstairs there is an apartment building, occupants were able to self evacu
on bring county. picking up one last camera for use in the upper to the lower east shore freeway. alive look near golden gate fields. we have no accidents or incidents to report of a good drive time from about 16 minutes to san francisco. >> the very latest on the concern in japan. they raised the rating from 4 to 05 on as as of level 7 rating. they are scrambling to shoot water in and around the power plants to no. 3 reactor. this is the fourth round of this operation that involved crops over water from helicopters all in an attempt to cool the poll. white paper could be seen rising as after was doused from water. it has been 1 weeks since a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. survivors have a moment of silence. 6500 people confirmed dead, at 10,300 people missing. 452,000 are without homes. the head of the u.s. regulatory system says it could take days and possibly weeks to get japan's mass under control at the power plant. u.s. is helping japan deal with this crisis. president obama spoke about the situation yesterday. mr. obama visiting the japanese embassy in washington d.c.. he wrote a me
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